Wooding decking creates a comfortable, attractive and flexible feature that can be added to any level, sloping, waterside or a newly added loft, indoors or outdoors. Elegant Decks only make use of quality wooden decking materials that are versatile to work with, practically any shape size colour or style of deck is possible. With a wide variety of local and imported hard and softwoods, we are confident that our clients will find a decking option that will suit their needs. Old pool surroundings can be revitalized with replacing old worn out paving with an Elegant Decking surround. With the new advances in sealing products, maintenance is kept simple and cost-effective. The old varnish type sealants are no longer used, thus no more peeling and flaking of deck sealants, and no more sanding of decks.

Elegant Decks also offer Composite Decking solutions for users who prefer a low maintenance decking solution. Our trusted composite decking materials have a natural wood grain texture available in a variety in colours. Now, You can enjoy the same beautiful decking finish, without the hassle of the intensive labour upkeep.

What are the benefits of a professionally constructed deck?

When considering a deck, whether being raised or over an existing paved or lawn area, the following building principles should always be applied:

  • We only use top quality decking material
  • All decking screws are non-abrasive
  • Special care is taken to seal end cuts on timber decking
  • Double joists are used where end cuts meet to ensure proper fastening and preventing splitting ends
  • A deck should have a min of 2 layers of sealant depending of type of wood used.
  • All grass under the deck is removed and we use weed guard under the frame to prevent any unsightly weeds and grass from growing again




The Deck Frame

A proper deck frame is the heart of the deck. Without a professionally installed frame, the deck won’t last no matter what decking material is used. We only construct a frame under the following strict guidelines:

  • We only used CCA treated timber according to SABS standards
  • All end cuts are treated
  • All metal fasteners and brackets are galvanized and non abrasive
  • All poles are cemented into ground and allowance is made for proper drainage
  • All top poles are fitted with gang nails to prevent splitting
  • When fitted on flat surfaces a space is allowed under the timber for water drainage

decking Materials we trust:

  • Rhodesian Teak,
  • Red Iron Bark,
  • Saligna,
  • CCA Treated Pine,
  • Balau,
  • Massaranduba,
  • Garrappa,
  • Rhino Modified wood,
  • Eva-last Composite, Best Deck and Enviro Deck


Wooden Decking Portfolio

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  • Burgersfort

    Teak Decking completed at Burgersfort.

  • Jimmy’s Killer prawns

    Solid composite decking